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My artworks are approximately 15cm-large charming figures that take the form of familiar fairytale, movie, cartoon characters, making easy the formation of emotional bond between the works and the audience. This is because I personally am a fan of small sculptural works, but also because the close physical distance between the artworks and the audience, as well as the approachable subject matters and familiar images, draw in both adults and children, rendering smooth communication between the audience and the artist.

For example, there is Pinocchio, who, despite making many mistakes, tries to become a real human being from a block of wood that cant tell apart truth from lies. Cartoon heroes who care about justice more than themselves in any given situation.The naked emperor who became deaf and blind from his own vanity (from Hans Christian Andersens The Emperors New Clothes).

I try to project the image of todays people through fairytale characters who still would, or seem to exist in the modern society.I think that we must observe everything in this world with greater interest, so that we may appreciate proportionately with our level of interest, and that we will change with our appreciation. And, for at least a moment, the audience can travel to their dreams and memories wouldnt that provide some vigor to carry on with this tiresome pattern of life?

My message may seem small and light like my artworks, but I hope that my subjects of familiar characters are approachable enough for the audience to remember andthink of todays age, and furthermore realize the full potential of the meaning behind my art.Come winter, plants await spring in the soil.As we curl up in the warm, dark depths, we await spring, our hope.

Perhaps my small actions will one day make positive changes on the repetitive natural cycle until the warm spring day comes.